Frequently asked questions

  • What is Agronomex?

    Agronomex is an online B2B fruit and vegetables marketplace to facilitate the direct trade of surplus produce. In the same place, you can manage your entire supply or sourcing process from the produce location to the payment and delivery.
  • Who can post on Agronomex?

    All fruit and veg professionals can use the platform and post either produce to be sold or produce requirements. Agronomex is therefore intended to all type of fruit and vegetables. Produce not edible for human consumption can also be sold for animal feed and/or AD purposes .The quality and description of the batch will be flagged accordingly when published on the platform.
  • How do I post an offer on Agronomex?

    Posting an offer on Agronomex market place is a simple process. We just require details about the produce you sell/buy, harvested or expected harvested day, quality and quantity as well as your details to process the deal.
  • How do I know the quality of the produce?

    To maximise the chances to find a buyer, we encourage our suppliers to upload online quality certification documentation. For any additional questions, Agronomex’ users can directly contact the other party using our internal chat to ask for additional information regarding the quality of the produce.
  • How do I negotiate a produce on Agronomex?

    Agronomex is built on an auction model to guarantee the best price for both the buyer and seller. The seller sets the auction parameters including the asking price and bidding time. A ‘Buy Now’ option is also available.
  • Can I post an offer if produce is not yet harvested?

    By using Agronomex you can sell and buy produce not yet harvested. Thus as a supplier, you can reduce the likelihood of unsold produce and as a purchaser, you can secure your sourcing needs
  • How do I get the produce delivered once the deal is finalised?

    Agronomex teams up with a freight exchange platform. We can provide, on-demand, to our users an alternative logistic solution optimising part loaded trucks and dead mileage.
  • How can I be sure I will be paid?

    Agronomex performs credit analysis for each buyer. Suppliers have the guarantee to be paid within 3 to 5 working days once the trade is closed. We also offer, on-demand and when applicable, extended payment terms to buyers.
  • Can I contact the seller/buyer?

    You can contact the seller/buyer directly via our internal chat and get an answer to any outstanding questions you might have regarding the produce you want to sell or purchase.

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